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Soapstone Prairie Natural Area / Red Mountain Open Space

UPDATE (6/19/2009): The opening of Red Mountain open space has been delayed due to the rainy weather we've been having. Now, Larimer County has decided to open Red Mountain on Saturday, June 27th - Woo Hoo! Hopefully things are drying out up there and we won't need our hip waders...

Ok everyone, the day is almost here. When I first read about these three adjacent properties several years ago - I couldn't believe it - Larimer County, and the Cities of Fort Collins and Cheyenne were buying three enormous properties (totaling 55,000 acres) for use as Open Space!

The properties straddle the Colorado / Wyoming state line and have 40+ miles of trail ready to open to the public on June 6th. Larimer County Open Space and Fort Collins Natural Areas have created a great map showing the trails, which I've based a KML (below) on. After viewing the KML in Google Earth, it looks to me like the trails will follow a mix of existing ranch roads, and new singletrack.

The area rises from the shortgrass prairie on the eastern edge, about 1200' to shrub land criss-crossed by canyons in the west. This area promises to provide some epic riding in a beautiful and remote part of the American West.


  • Trails in Google Maps (below)
  • View trails in Google Earth - requires Google™ Earth viewer
    • Trails shown in Red are open to biking (narrow red trails are foot & bike only, wide red trails are bike, horse & foot)
    • Black trails are open to foot travel only
    • Trail names are visible if you open the folder at the left
    • Note that Plover Trail (on the far eastern edge of Soapstone Prairie) is closed April 1st through July 15th.

  • Soapstone Prairie & Red Mountain trail map / brochure


More information

Trail Map

(A print-quality map will follow as time allows)

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